Phonics Recommended Apps

Apps to support Phonics

Please be aware that some of the apps listed below are free whilst others may cost so please ensure you check this before downloading.

Phonics with Letter Lilies – nice game with 3 levels to choose. A phoneme is said and children have to click on the correct grapheme on the lily.

twinklP3Pop – a simple but nice matching game where children have to pop the balloons with the same phoneme as shown at the top of the screen.

Hairy Letters – a good hands on app where the children choose a letter and then use their finger to practise forming the letter by copying writing over it.

Check Phonics – an app from Pearson Education. A nice interactive way to practise segmenting and blending where the children can record their own voices and listen back before checking their answer.

Forest Phonics – a lovely app for phase 5 practise. Nice characters used, with abit of humour throughout. Children have to listen to the word and then choose the phonemes to make this word.

Twinkl phonics - This is a fantastic app that gives information on the ‘phases’. It includes games for the children to play as well as practicing high frequency words.

Tic Tac Toe phonics - Some quite tricky phonics work it is like noughts and crosses, but you need to answer phonics questions first!

Word Bingo - Collect ‘bugs’ by touching words as they are spoken. Great for reading practice!