Times Table Rock Stars

Times Table Rock Stars 



Do you know what your child’s Rock Star name is? The 2014 Curriculum stated that pupils should know all multiplication facts up to 12x12 by the end of Year 4. Since then the government have released information detailing a ‘multiplication check’ for pupils at the end of Y4 so we are doing everything that we can to enable our pupils to achieve this curriculum expectation. As a school we have bought in to this website which allows pupils to rehearse multiplication and division facts and also to challenge themselves against class mates or other around the country. Through ‘playing’ pupils can race against the clock and earn coins to be able to buy different clothes and accessories for their own Rock Star Avatar making learning fun and engaging!


Each pupil has their own login which is made up from the first 3 letters of their first name and first three letters of their surname.

e.g. if your child is called John Smith their login name would be ‘johsmi’

Their password will consist of 3 numbers. If you or your child do not know what their password is please check with their class teacher.

Click the link above to open the login page for Times Table Rock Stars and help you child start training to be an international Rock Legend today!