Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Mr Martin & Mrs Capper are ready to become ancient explorers!

This term our topic will be Why did the Egyptians love their mummies? During this half term we are going to be explorer’s who travel back in time in a time machine to solve an ancient mystery! Pupils will gather clues and information each week to put together to learn about who the murderer is and uncover the mystery surrounding it. We will look at where Egypt is on the map and discover lots of interesting information about the Nile. We will think about what we have learnt thanks to the Ancient Egyptians and see if we still use things today that they invented. We will research various Pharaoh’s including Tutankhamun and follow the mummification process as well as finding out who Howard Carter is and what his amazing discovery was able to teach us today.

In maths fractions will be our focus to begin with looking at fractions of shapes, quantities and applying this to word problems. We will also be looking at time reading clocks both analogue and digital while consolidating our learning about the use of 12 or 24 hour clocks.

Multiplication will continue to be a hot topic this half term as we will be the first class to complete the compulsory Government Multiplication Check that starts next summer. Please ensure that your child is able to access Times Table Rock Stars if possible as this is an excellent tool for preparation for this. As a reminder of how important our Times Tables are we are having a Times Tables Rock Stars day this term when the pupils can dress up as Rock Stars and will spend the day taking part in a range of multiplication activities!

In English we will be using ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ which links directly with our topic and is a different take on a well-known traditional fairy tale.

P.E. will be on Thursday please make sure that P.E. kits including footwear (pumps or trainers) are at school at all times. This year we are lucky enough to have Premier Sports working with us so there will be extra P.E. sessions that may not be on our set P.E. day. We obviously don’t want anyone to miss out and if they don’t have kit and correct footwear it may mean they can’t join in.

Miss Briers will teach Y3 on a Monday morning and will be covering their computing topics with them.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of staff.

Team Y3 2018-19