Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Miss Dennison & Mrs Gough

This term our topic will be How can the rainforest be both hot & wet? We will be exploring and learning where in the world the rainforests are as well as comparing and contrasting our local environment to studies of specific areas or rainforest. We will be learning all about the lives of indigenous tribes in the Amazon. Through art and DT we will be creating a class collage of the 4 various layers of the rainforest. We will also study Herni Rousseau and re-create paintings using similar styles to his.

In maths multiplication and division will be the focus this half term. Pupils will also be learning about length and will be calculating both the perimeters and areas of different 2D shapes.

Multiplication continues to be hot topic- as of next year there will be a compulsory Y4 Multiplication check which pupils will be tested online using all multiplication facts up to 12x12. There is a pilot this year that we will be taking part in so rehearsing, chanting and consolidating multiplication facts will be of huge importance this year. There will be a weekly times table test and they will be visited daily in class.

In English we will be using ‘The Great Kapok Tree as our key text which links to our theme. The children will explore character feelings and study author choice and intent. We will be writing in role and making predictions about text using images and information we have already gathered.

Guided reading takes place 4 mornings a week where children spend two sessions reading with an adult and two sessions completing comprehension activities related to what they have read.

We will have weekly spelling tests and there will also be a focus on extending vocabulary and learning new words and their meanings.

Please encourage your child to read things other than their school reading book- other books, magazines, articles online- anything! We are continuing to inspire all our children to enjoy and to read for pleasure, it is the key to everything in life and has a positive knock affect across all subject areas. Myself and Mrs Gough are continuing to read Harry Potter- The Philosopher’s Stone to the children as our class reader which I know they are enjoying. We are currently on the hunt for our next class reader, all suggestions welcome! They actively enjoy being read to and it doesn’t matter how old they are, or how good they are at reading being read to is still assisting progress and will develop their readers voice too. Any opportunity for bedtime stories I’m sure all Year 4 children would love!

P.E. will be on Thursday please make sure that P.E. kits including footwear (pumps or trainers) are at school at all times. This year we are lucky enough to have Premier Sports working with us so there will be extra P.E. sessions that may not be on our set P.E. day. We obviously don’t want anyone to miss out and if they don’t have kit and correct footwear it may mean they can’t join in.

Miss Briers will teach Y4 on a Monday afternoon and will be covering their science topics with them.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to either Mrs Gough or myself.

We are looking forward to a fantastic year of learning, laughter and memory making with all of our class!

Team Y4 2018-19